Our Program


We provide meaningful and engaging activities for our students each and every day - as well as daily homework help, and a nutritious afternoon snack! With access to a full sized gym, a spacious outdoor playground, and our beautiful, well stocked classrooms, our program ensures a well rounded and enriched experience for each Beansprouts student!

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Daily Enrichments

We offer enrichments 5 days a week for all our after school campers ranging from gardening & cooking to theatre club and ceramics. Students explore activities they like in-depth to strengthen their interests, embrace independence—and develop lasting confidence in their skills

Private Outdoor Yard

It’s integral to our program that children have the chance to be outside daily. We typically spend 45 minutes in our private yard alternating between group games and free play.

Homework Help

We help our students allot time to take care of their school work responsibilities. We have a quiet area designated with a teacher available to facilitate.

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Indoor Gym

We bring in our own early childhood specialist to run weekly gym classes. We play soccer, basketball, floor hockey, kickball, and any creative games the children come up with.

Fully Stocked Classrooms

We continually update our buildings and activity areas with modern equipment to exceed standards of safety and quality. Every room has a wide variety of developmentally appropriate games and supplies.

Our Staff

Our greatest asset at Beansprouts After School is our staff. Most of our staff are college-aged students studying education guided by an experienced teacher.

Emerging Curriculum

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Each year our program adapts to the children’s varying interests. It often involves art, science and nature.



Each afternoon we provide a variety of healthy and hearty snack.

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  • We garden

  • We cook

  • We bring in food from around park slope


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